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Your Briarhills HOA Communications Hub
This is the web site for the Briarhills Home Owners Association (HOA).  If you are not sure whether or not you belong to the HOA, check the list of streets on the HOA Information page.    You can also find your street on the joint HOA POA map page.

Current Articles

Clubhouse Rebuilding and Pool Renovation
Posted on Nov 29th, 2018

Construction of the new clubhouse and associated buildings and the pool renovation have been further delayed due to both wet weather in September and the incorrect initial installation of the A/C ductwork which has now been corrected. The brickwork is almost complete and the membrane roof is complete (making the building waterproof) so interior work can progress. The metal roof will be installed once the siding installation is complete. The roof installation should be complete by February barring any material or weather delays. The contractor is aware that all work must be completed before Memorial Day next year so the necessary permits for both pool and clubhouse use can be issued in time for the opening of the facilities on Memorial Day.

Briarhills Dolphins Swim Team
Posted on Sep 10th, 2018
Hello Briarhills Dolphins!
Congratulations to our 2018 Team for a wonderful season! Registration for the 2019 Swim Season will be open in March or April of 2019.
Summer swim team begins mid-May and runs through the end of June. Please plan your summer vacations accordingly so that you are able to fully participate with the team in 2019. 
Please visit the Dolphins website at www.briarhillsdolphins.swimtopia.com for more information.
Farmers Market - Every Saturday
Posted on Sep 10th, 2018
Enjoy locally grown and seasonal fresh foods at the Energy Corridor Farmers Market at 14710 Grisby Road every Saturday from 9.00am to 1.00pm. The market provides access to locally grown and seasonal fresh foods, a community gathering place and it promotes relationships with food producers and artisans and encourages local food production.
For more information email farmersmarket@energycorridor.org
Updated Recycling Guidelines
Posted on Sep 10th, 2018
WCA, our trash and recycling company, has made some changes to the types of recycling material they will pick up on Fridays, the day they pick up recycling materials. 
All types of plastics with numbers 1 to 7, cardboard and paper of all types and metal containers of all types are all acceptable.
Absolutely no glass, plastic bags, styrofoam, pizza boxes and other paper and cardboard that is stained with food or grease.
Glass can be dropped off for recycling at the Brittmore Road recycling facility which is on the corner of Brittmore Road and Westview Drive, hours of operation: Monday - Friday 5am - 5pm, Saturday 8am - 12pm.
Please see Recycle Guidelines flyer for further details of acceptable and non acceptable materials for recycling .
Security Data from Briarhills Constable Calls
Posted on Nov 10th, 2016
Registered HOA owners can now access a Security Data page. It shows a summary table of the monthly constable calls, and has a link to a file with details about each call, including the block address.

Tennis Courts
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Constable Programs
Our Constable offers more services than just vacation watches.  There are programs for adults, teens, and children.  The Constable offers classes on bully prevention, on line safety, personal safety, and even a Citizen's Police Academy.
For more information, click here:  Harris County Pct 5 Programs 
Constable online Vacation Watch Forms

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Constable Services
Following the recent agreement by the POA to continue with the constable's services for at least the next six years, the HOA Board is pleased to inform its homeowners that the level of constable's services will remain unchanged from the present level for a similar period of time and no reduction will now be necessary.
Reminders from the Constable
Suspicious persons have been seen in the neighborhood.
If you see people of any age in places they should not be day or night immediately call the constable on 281-463-6666. When the operator asks whether it is an emergency, say "Yes."
When reporting suspicious persons try to give a description of the person from head to feet starting with hat, hair, glasses, facial hair, race, color of clothing and direction of travel. The more information available the better chance of the subject being located.
Keep your garage doors closed. An open garage door, whether the main entrance or side door, is an invitation to burglars shopping the neighborhood.
Keep all your car doors locked and windows rolled up if you park your car on your driveway, even for a very short time,
e.g. while unloading shopping.
REMOVE all valuables from plain view and lock valuable items in the trunk,
DO NOT leave any articles of value in your car overnight (laptops, money, wallets, purses, etc.)
Theft from unlocked cars is one of the most common crimes in this area.
It is recommended that you add the constable's phone number to your cell phone Contacts List.
Houston Leash Law
Animal Control has been called for loose dogs. For information about the Houston leash law, fines, and where to call when your loose dog has been impounded, visit the BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions at BARC.

Area Map
Try this interactive map that shows streets in Briarhills and the surrounding area.  Click on "Satellite" to get the aerial photographic view.
Our Super Neighborhood
Briarhills is in Houston's Eldridge / West Oaks Super Neighborhood (#17).  Board meetings are open to the public - 7:00 PM on the second Wednesday of the month at Eagles Trace.  Visit the SN17 website for more information.
Local Emergency Information
Constable:  281-463-6666